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Offering customized business solutions and consulting services across several fields including energy trading, asset portfolio management and customized information systems

We leverage our extensive experience to develop tailored business strategies that meet your needs. With a focus on the energy sector, we develop projects and offer consulting services in energy commodities trading, brokerage platforms and infrastructure. In addition we provide information technology and data processing services to our clients.

brighten your business

We provide you with business and smart technology services for energy and other commodity markets. We are committed to deliver the right solutions and tools to support your business decisions, adding definite value and competitive advantages to your bussiness.

Energy Trading & Risk Management
With confidence

We provide consulting services on trading setup including front and back offices, risk and position management techniques and procedures, trading structure for multi-national Groups, licensing and registration in power markets, adaptation to regulatory changes.

Electricity, Natural gas and Crude oil

With our experience you can be confortable in making decision on deals and trades. We will point you to the right client in any part of the SEE region and help you with the needs.

IT Consulting Services
Online platforms, Data analysis, Information management Systems

IA-SEE experts helps clients build, re-platform and integrate applications on SaaS technologies such as Custom Applications and Softwares, Google apps for business services, Trading platforms, Financial services, Business resources management, Sales and billing services.

Our Approach
Lets talk and you decide

We like to be concrete and straight forward to the point.

We listen to fully understand where you need to go and we give you the best solution and the resources to go there as safely as posible. We like te risk but it is a calculated risk.

Our team will help you Making a Difference

We like big ideas and challanges. Using our experience of international background in power trading, management & information technology along with your idea, jointly we can make a difference from day one.

Naske Afezolli
CEO / Founder

Having 40 years of invaluable experience in public and private sector leading successfully business development for corporations, governmental departments and Ministries in their transit periods of restructuring and reforming, a very successful coauthor on designing a number of regional and multinational projects from the inception to the final implementation and considered as a talented diplomat and problem solver.

Ervin Cfarku
Information Systems & Solutions Expert

No matter what your business do, you need to store, process, analyze information and data since it is crucial to your business. My job is to advise and build for you the right tools to manage and process such information.

Our experts
Portfolio management expert, Energy trader, Software engineer ...

Our pool of experts are allways keen to innovative methods and challanges of today markets. Whatever is needed we have the right expert to handle your requirements.

The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


What We Do
Our Services

We offer highly skilled professional services based on our extensive experience.

Energy Trading & Risk Management

Risk Governance, Policy & Controls
Risk Analytics and Modelling
Transaction and Contractual Assurance Reviews
Contract Design & Evaluation

Market Strategy & Operating Model

Business Model Review and Design
Trading and Market Entry Strategies
Set-up of New Commercial Functions
Performance Measurement
Business Process Design

Wind and Other Renewables

Complex Regulatory Environments
Development and construction
Mergers and Acquisitions
Efficient Operating Models

Wholesale Market Policy & Reform

Market & Industry Reform
Wholesale and Retail Trading Arrangements
Design of Directed/Vested Contracts

Networks Regulation

Price Control Negotiation & Tariff Setting
Business and Regulatory Strategy
Delivering Competition

IT Consulting Services

Evaluation of the requiremts for the systems needed
Develop and build online trading platforms
Data managements systems
Data analysis systems

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Who Are We
Involved With

Albanian Government,
helping them to reforme energy regulations.


Who Are We
Involved With

Alb Solar
helping them to close deals and implemetn new technologies.


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